Contributed by Melanie P.

Who has time for sex is a question I hear people ask often.  There are the kids, cleaning the house, work, cooking, etc, how can I have sex when I have so much else to do? But sex doesn’t need to last for hours. In fact, knowing it can be quick can take the pressure off and make the experience more relaxing.

Sex is an intimate event and a healthy part of your relationship. Being physically close to your partner helps you to feel connected. Even a quickie can improve your relationship.

Think it’s not worth it, here’s how you can make it work:

Think about sex during the day.  Your body is capable of being turned on even while you are doing other things.  If you imagine what you will be doing later several times during the day, you will create the biological reaction of arousal.

Try a new place or position.  Instead of being on your bed, go up against the wall or in front of the mirrors in the bathroom.

Change your expectations.  Sex in the movies is not like in real life. Things don’t always go smoothly, so instead learn to laugh about it.

Use lube.  There is no connection between arousal and vaginal lubrication.  You can be dry even if you are very turned on, so don’t stress and grab the lube.

What tips do you have for keeping things spicy? We invite you to share your ideas in the comment box below.