Contributed by Sue F.

So, you’re getting back into the dating game but this time you want to go in with your eyes wide open.  Well, here are some tips to help you spot possibilities and avoid loser types if you’re serious about being in a relationship.

The non-committer. I am not talking about a person who wants to avoid a relationship—that’s a no brainer!  I am talking about small commitments like dinner plans.  IF they cannot commit to a definite date or time, don’t waste your time.

The group dater.  Do they like to invite you to parties or to hang out at the bar? That is fine occasionally but what about some one-on-one time. They might not be super-social; they might be avoiding intimacy.

Eeyore.  Like the Disney character, this person looks at the downside of everything.  Even if they won the lottery they would complain about the taxes they have to pay.  Avoid the drama and move on.

The in-between dater.  This is the person you are not really into but are dating anyway so you won’t be alone.  Stop wasting your time and energy and focus your attention on being with someone you really like.

The short-term dater.  What is your date’s longest relationship?  If it’s measured in months maybe it’s time to go.

The party animal.  Do they like to stay out all night drinking and partying?  If they are over 30 it’s possible they are trying too hard to hold on to their youth.  There’s a time to party and a time to grow up and take responsibility for their actions.  They might not be ready for that so it’s best to keep it moving.

Stop wasting your time with second-best fillers in your dating life.  If you’re interested in a serious, intimate relationship and you are not having fun with who you are dating, don’t settle.  Remember, you deserve the best!

Can you think of any other dating wasters?