Contributed by Sasha S.


Sexual tension is an important part of flirting. The desire to rip off your lover’s clothes is something we all want.  It does not have to disappear or be elusive, you can make it happen anytime you want.

Play hard to get.  I am not talking too hard to get or totally unattainable. I am saying don’t give it up too easy.  Keep them guessing. Go in for a kiss and then after a moment stop kissing and go back to talking and flirting.

Tease them. When you go in for the kiss, don’t go in right away. Say some sexy things and keep them waiting.   Touch them. Stroke their hair. Rub their thighs. Then laugh and have fun with it.

Be cocky but not arrogant.  Self-confidence is a turn on. You don’t want to be totally full of yourself and talk about how hot you are. But letting them know in a playful way that you know they find you hot can be an exciting turn-on.

Laugh.  Be playful about the whole experience.  If you are serious or rehearsed, it will turn them off.  Live in the moment, keep it light and have a good time.  If you are relaxed, they will relax.

What do you do that’s flirtatious & sexy?