Contributed by Jesus M.


Going out on a first date is nerve-wracking for me.  I get so worried that I will say something stupid or run out of things to say.  But I have some simple tips to keep a first date running smooth.

Be respectful.  Politeness is the easiest way to show someone you respect them.  It is chivalrous and expresses your genuine interest.

Be flirtatious.  You want to be sure they know you are interested in them.  Flirting conveys a fun, sexy and exciting person.

Dress well.  Take a shower, iron your clothes and dress up.  If you show up dirty, with stained clothes it looks like you could care less.

Be playful, happy and upbeat. Maybe you are going thru some rough stuff, but hashing it out on a first date is inappropriate and impolite.  Your date is not your therapist.

Be involved. Offer your opinion. If you just say ‘whatever you want to do’, it could suggest you are not that interested. You are getting to know each other.  Having an opinion, likes and dislikes makes you your own person.

Don’t be argumentative. When voicing your opinion and being independent, don’t turn your suggestion into an argument.

Do you have any other tips for a first date?