Contributed by Jerry G.

Love is not a noun. It’s not an object. Not a thing. It’s not a fairy tale in a book. Or the end of a movie. It’s a verb. An action. It’s many actions over many years. Some large. Many so small to mention. Or sometimes notice.

When we do “love things” for someone, the recipient “feels” our love. When we say we’re looking for somebody to love, it should be somebody to do “loving” things for. That makes them feel wanted. Understood. Accepted. Respected, cared for and cherished. And when we want someone to “love” us, it really means they do “loving” things for us. We let them and that makes us feel the same way.

We need to remind ourselves throughout our relationship to Just Do It … something for our “love.” And they will feel your respect, desire and acceptance. That’s LOVE. That’s what keeps us all together. And gives us the decades of LOVE we’re all looking for.

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