Contributed by Dina B.


Men may think about sex often but that doesn’t meant they know everything.  Recently we talked about mistakes women make in the bedroom. This week we focus on some mistakes men make.

Thinking you know what she wantsWhat you have done with other women may have worked with those women, but the woman you are with now may need something totally different.  Your last partner may have liked a light touch, but your current partner may like more pressure.  There is no way to know but to ask.

If she isn’t wet, it means she’s not turned on. Natural lubrication depends on so many different factors including where a woman is in her menstrual cycle, what medication she is taking, how stressed she is, how hydrated she is, etc.  It is not you, it’s her body at that moment in time.  So grab some lube and put the ego in check.

Lack of communication. Does something feel good? Is something not working? Speak up. If you present it in a respectful manner such as I am not so sensitive there, I am more sensitive here or I like more pressure, she will listen. Without this input, she is just guessing.

Skipping other erogenous zonesIt’s not all boobs and genitals guys. Try kissing and rubbing her neck (sides and back) her lower back, her stomach. Attention to these areas gets her more excited overall. Ask her where she likes to be kissed and remember what she says.

Going too fast. Quickies are fun too, but not every session is a rush to orgasm. Enjoy your time together and slowly arouse her. This will help her have one or many orgasms.

What do you do to keep things exciting for you and your partner? We invite you to comment in the box below.