Contributed by Theresa S.


Recently I interviewed some ‘sexy’ people to get their tips on how they keep their sex lives alive and kicking. Here are some of their ideas:

Privacy please.  If you have kids, one of the first things you need to do is install a lock on the master bedroom door.  After all, how can you get uninterrupted time with your partner if you are worried about your kids walking in unannounced?

Keep things fresh. You can spend hours having sex but, fitting in a quickie every now and then can spice things up quite a bit. You can even add a toy if you like.

No excuses allowed.  Excuses like: “I’m too tired” “I feel too fat” “I have a headache” are not allowed.  You don’t want excuses to take away from having a healthy sex life especially when you know they are just that … excuses.  So, even if you’re feeling a bit tired, pep yourself up by doing something your partner really likes!

Keep yourself hot.  Instead of taking things for granted, be sure to stay in shape and dress up ‘just because’ from time to time.  Part of being sexy is looking sexy so, while sweats might be comfortable and have their place, be sure to take care of yourself and your appearance.  If your health is good then it’s more likely that your libido will be good.  If you care about how you look, your self-esteem is bound to get a boost. And, there’s nothing sexier for yourself and your partner than feeling good about you!

What secrets do you have that bring the sexy to your life?