Contributed by Elise R.

The ways people date changes in each culture.  What works in one country is seen as bizarre in other countries.

Dating is Illegal.  Dating is illegal in Iran so all relationships are arranged.  Since schools are separated by gender, it makes it even harder to meet someone.

Group Dating.  In India, Italy and Australia dating is performed in groups.  This can be either due to shyness or the comfort that a group offers.  You also can have your choice of mates instead of concentrating on getting to know one person at a time.

Ladies ask the Men out.  In Australia, it is common for women to ask men out.  In some countries this can be considered ‘slutty’ behavior, but in Australia this doesn’t have the same connotation.

Dating begins in College. In Japan, a high schooler’s main focus is schoolwork.  This doesn’t mean that no one dates in high school, it’s just not a priority.

Involving the whole family. In Cameroon, dating takes place for years as each family gets to know each other.  The merging of families is taken seriously and the parents meet each other.  It is still up to the couple to decide to be together, but a family’s influence can be strong.

What are your culture’s dating customs?