Contributed by Rachel

On TV and in the movies, sex seems so easy.  Everyone has a great time without ever saying a word. But in reality, sometimes we are confused about how to please our partner and how to express our own desires.  What will my partner think of me if I want to try this? What will my partner say if I don’t want to try that?

While it may seem easy to just keep quiet, it is actually easier to speak up.  Your sexuality is your responsibility.  It is not up to your partner to guess what pleases you.  After all, isn’t it easier if you know what your partner enjoys?

These quizzes are fun checklists for you and your partner to fill out separately.  Choose one topic to fill out and send a copy to your partner. When you are done, compare notes and see what new activities you can explore together.

How are you able to communicate your desires to your partner effectively? We invite you to share your ideas in the box below.