We love shining a light on people who have brought their passions to life in a feature called Passion Stories.  In these posts, many soul mates and friends of food for the soul™ have shared what feeds their inspiration and fuels their passions.  These posts  …

  • Showcase what inspired them to actualize their particular passion and
  • Serve as inspiration for so many of us with ideas that we wish we could actually make happen!

For those of you who have contributed in this way, we thank you!  For those of you who have expressed an interest (or know someone who might be interested) in doing so, here are some guidelines to follow when putting together your passion story:

  • 750 -1000 words
  • Include an image or two that reflects your passion
  • Be sure your submission answers these questions:
    • What’s your passion and why?
    • What was its earliest beginnings?
    • What inspired you to take your first steps?
    • How did you bring your passion to life?
    • What, if any, hurdles did you face? How did you move through these hurdles?
    • How do you stay inspired?
    • What legacy are you creating?
  • Send your passion story to

By contributing in this way, you will create a mindful, insightful and informative post. Please note that food for the soul™ retains the right to edit any material submitted for inclusion on the website, with respect for, and with the understanding that the integrity of your passion story will be retained to the fullest extent possible.

Once your passion story has been accepted, we invite you to promote your products and/or services in our Market Café. If you are interested in being featured in our Market Café, please contact us at for details.

Thanks for being a part of the food for the soul™ inspirtainment exchange!