Contributed by Donna Marie


For years I have taken time to be grateful for life in all its forms.  Whether it’s witnessing a sunrise, appreciating turning leaves as summer gives way to fall or for family and friends, I have noticed the freedom and joy that comes from this attitude of gratitude.

Then I began acknowledging myself for all the ways I take care of myself.  From the choices I make about the foods I eat, to my career, to how I nurture my relationships, to how I do so many of the little things to support my well-being.

When I started doing this, I began seeing things I had previously taken for granted in a whole new way.  I began feeling good about myself and accepting all of me.  In the process I discovered just how much I love me which led me to this insight, “Self-appreciation provides an access to self-love.”

So, whenever things don’t seem to be going my way and self-doubts creep in, I make the choice to be grateful for all that is working in my life and notice, almost immediately, an experience of Freedom and ease.

For me, being grateful has been a gift that keeps on giving!

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